Garlic Ear

By: Jennifer Lavender

May 12 2010

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Early this morning my little girl woke up with an earache. With no olive oil in the house (how does that happen?) we were unable to try the typical drops of warm oil cure. I remembered reading somewhere about using garlic to treat ear infections so I ran to Google and did a search for “ear infection garlic” and found this article: Garlic can Fight and Cure Ear Infections. (Click on the title to read the article.)

I walked into the kitchen and pulled the garlic out of the cabinet. Malia walked in behind me and I told her that this idea might sound a little funny, but we were going to try something to make her ear feel better. She didn’t see the garlic on the cutting board, but she did see the knife in my hand and broke down into tears and asked, “Are you going to cut my ear?”

I explained to her that we were going to use the knife to cut some garlic and put that in her ear. And she still seemed nervous, but was willing to give it a shot. We got the garlic in place, snuggled up on the couch, and she went back to sleep and slept for several hours.

When Constance woke up and saw the tissue hanging out of her ear, she was very concerned that there was something in Malia’s ear. I explained to her that Malia’s ear was hurting so we were using the garlic to help get some of the germs out that might be making it hurt.

Malia is awake now and says that her ears are no longer hurting. We’ll probably keep a close eye on her today, but I am once again thankful for the inspiration to do what I needed to make my baby feel better.